Amazon May Have Spoiled Major “Force Awakens” Character’s Last Name


There’s a rather large dearth of last names for our new characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, have you noticed? Daisy Ridley is just “Rey.” John Boyega is just “Finn.” Adam Driver is “Kylo Ren” but we’re all pretty sure that “Ren” is not a last name, but an honorific of some type. Only Oscar Isaac’s Poe is blessed with last name goodness (‎Dameron), suggesting that he’s not quite the major character level of the other three.

Now, an over-zealous person at Amazon has accidentally posted what could be a huge spoiler for the movie as part of one of the thousands of merchandise items tied back to the movie that they’re carrying for Christmas. Moreover, as of this writing, it’s been seven hours since noticed, and it’s *STILL THERE.* We are posting the screen shot, since chances are, as soon as this goes viral, someone will wake up and edit it out.

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If this spoiler is true, then Finn is none other than the son of smooth talking, Colt-45 drinking, Millennium Falcon losing hustler who went legit and ran Cloud City into Empire Engineered Ruin, Lando Calrissian. (This also suggests that the rumors Billy Dee Williams will be making a cameo in Episode VIII may in fact be true.)

But it also opens up so many questions. After all, how is Lando’s son brought up to be a Storm Trooper? How did this happen? If he’s not related by blood to the Skywalkers, then who did he inherit his ability with the Force from? Lando? His mother? (Who is his mother?) Spontaneous genetic mutation? And why does he have Luke’s lightsaber? So many, many questions raised with one little last name…

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18th. Only thirty-nine days to go!