New The Force Awakens Footage From UK’s Disney XD


Let the Star Wars: The Force Awakens flood of preview footage continue! This time, it’s the UK’s Disney XD channel with a new look including forty-seven seconds of new footage (and an amazing bit of eyebrow raising by Han).

A few new things shown were: Poe and General Hux saying lines (the first we’ve heard from either of them so far); the Millennium Falcon coming out of hyperspace in front of what is presumably a new planet; blue rockets; Finn about to enter a yellow-plated vehicle or structure of some kind; and Rey dragging some mechanical whatnot across the Jakku sand.

via @StarWarsJunk

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I love this preview for many reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s pure fun. This is conveyed by a number of things; first, there’s the snappy Imperial March followed by the main Star Wars theme. Then there are the scenes themselves, which seem lighthearted compared to what we’ve seen in the full trailer and the international trailer. For example, Han is smiling (and who can resist that?), and Rey and Finn are muttering, “I can do this,” which is probably what I would say if I were about to fly the Falcon or operate one of its cannons. And then there’s the cheerful dude “hosting” the preview with his alien friend, who looks like he comes from Maz Kanata’s castle of motley scum and villainy. They may even be in the castle; their surroundings certainly look medieval-esque.

Next: Starkiller Base, AKA the Third Death Star, & General Hux

It’s amazing how much only a little The Force Awakens footage can be dissected. I can only imagine what picking apart the movie will be like!

Thanks to @StarWarsJunk for the screenshots of the trailer.