X-Wing Fighter Parked in Singapore Airport


Well, I think this would certainly make flying more interesting. Apparently the

Rebel Alliance

…er excuse me

the “Resistance,”

er, well, Disney, actually, has parked a X-Wing fighter in the middle of Changi, Terminal 3, one of Singapore’s busiest airports.

It’s not just a museum model either. The Straits Times reports that onlookers can climb on it, in it and take pictures of themselves with it, as if they two were going to head out ot fight the First Order.

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Much like the demonstration in China of the mightiness of the Disney Empire than backs the Star Wars movie, there was a raft of extras who made their way through the airport terminal.

Confused why there are Storm Troopers as well as Rebel fighters? That’s because there’s also a Tie Fighter, parked on terminal over.

Unlike the X-Wing the Tie-Fighter is only a scale model, because the First Order isn’t as generous as the Resistance is with their vehicles. It’s also more roped off, so that pictures cannot be taken close up. I suppose they’re worried about technology secrets of the Empire getting out and falling into the wrong hands.

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According to reports, both ships will remain at the airport until January 5th.