Star Wars at Disneyland: Is Season of the Force Worth It?

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Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

You’d think that we’d all be tired of any supercuts or montages of the Star Wars films. There are so many revisions of the franchise on YouTube (some of which are quite clever), but most of these films have been around for decades, so it’s hard to imagine how anyone could produce something fresh.

But considering the success of Disney’s marketing department with The Force Awakens, it should come as no surprise that the Mouse once again rose to challenge, giving us Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, an extended trailer that mashes together bits from all six films.

You can watch this in a special theater in Tomorrowland that used to house the Captain Eo experience. The video is so well-edited and scored that it will make you want to start a marathon of all six films as soon as you get home. And it even includes a nifty transition into the latest trailer for The Force Awakens, once again reminding fans that we’re about to enter a new era of Star Wars.

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In fact, one of the coolest things about watching Path of the Jedi is noticing all the parallels and echoes not just in the trilogies but also in the footage we’ve seen from The Force Awakens. If nothing else, the trailer offers reassurance that the franchise is in good hands.