Watch: Three New The Force Awakens TV Spots


Three new television spots for Star Wars: The Force Awakens have been aired, and thanks to YouTube, we have the HD versions to feast our eyes upon.

The closer we get to the worldwide theatrical premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the more and more television spots we are beginning to see. This is a normal marketing campaign that any major film goes through, before it hits theaters. However, many fans are starting to get cross with Disney and Lucasfilm, as they feel too much of the film is being shown through the various trailer and tv spots…which ironically, was the whole reason director J.J. Abrams kept such a tight lid on security around the film, in the first place.

Regardless, thanks to a television spot and a clip shown on Sunday night’s American Music Awards, we’ve got some new looks at The Force Awakens. Our first trailer features BB-8 and Rey on the planet of Takonada, as the First Order is arriving.

Let’s break down these scenes really quick, using the magic of GIFs. First we have another view of the forested planet of Takonada where Maz Kanata’s castle resides.

BB-8 alerting Rey of the First Order arriving on planet.

The Resistance X-Wings with an unnamed female pilot we think is Game of Thrones (Sand Snake actress) Jessica Henwick, and Nein Numb.

The First Order and the Resistance have a dogfight over the snowy planet where the Starkiller base is housed.

Another angle of Finn and the First Order trooper dueling with lightsaber versus electrostaff.

Here we have confirmation of Rey piloting the Falcon.

Finn on the turret gun in the Falcon.

And BB-8 using a grapple to keep from falling to the floor.

Our next trailer doesn’t really show any new footage from the film…with the exception of the First Order troopers forming-up and saluting General Hux played by Domhnall Gleeson.

Here’s a GIF of those troopers saluting Hux.

Finally, we have the clip shown during Sunday night’s AMA’s and while it doesn’t really show any new footage from The Force Awakens, it does show Finn, Rey and BB-8 running for their lives as the First Order TIE Fighters attack.

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I love how Rey refers to the ship they are trying to reach, as a crop-jumper. December 18, can’t get here fast enough. I fully expect there to be more television spots hitting before the premiere, and don’t forget to watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight (Monday November 23), as the film’s stars and Abrams will be on the show.