John Boyega Reveals the Plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Not Really)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega reveals the entire plot of the film to GQ, in this video interview…

Have we mentioned how much we really, really like John Boyega? This guy has embraced the insanity that is the Star Wars franchise with a level of enthusiasm that quite frankly has been unparalleled up to now. Boyega will portray First Order stormtrooper turned good guy — Finn — in The Force Awakens, and he has been on the interview circuit as of late. One of the young actor’s most magnetic draw, is that he is so fun to listen to, and that he genuinely loves Star Wars, as is evidenced by just about everything he does. Here’s the video:

Okay, so he didn’t really give away the plot of The Force Awakens, but the video is fun, nonetheless. GQ humorously takes a shot at the one complaint from fans, at the moment, with the theme of this video. For a solid month now, the teasers and television spots featuring never before seen shots from The Force Awakens, have been hitting the airwaves with a startling regularity…and that’s why this video is such a snarky yet fun poke at the curmudgeonly fans who are now boycotting any new footage so that they can watch the movie “Spoiler-Free.”

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With a little over two weeks until the worldwide theatrical premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 17 and 18, only those fans who dare brave the vast spoilerific pit that is the internet, are actually actively seeking new footage. In fact, if you are into that sort of thing, the Star Wars Leaks subreddit may be the spot for you, as all new footage and plot leaks, along with concept art and even stolen photo stills from the set, make their way to that page. But, be careful, because there are way too many spoilers on that board, and the only reason you should even venture there, is if you don’t care about seeing too much before the film hits theaters.