Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig Cover Revealed


The cover for Aftermath: Life Debt, the sequel to Chuck Wendig’s explosive first book detailing events following Return of the Jedi, has been revealed.

The second book in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath series received a title at New York Comic Con in October. Now, has released the official cover for Life Debt, and it features a very familiar, “homey” ship. Check it out below.

For those who haven’t read the first book (read our review here), Aftermath featured a whole new cast of characters as the protagonists. There was only one short scene, an interlude between chapters, which featured one of the big three from the original trilogy: Han Solo.

Mild spoilers follow.

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In the interlude scene, Han and Chewbacca are flying the Millennium Falcon on a mission for the Rebellion, when they decide to make a detour to liberate the Wookiee’s still enslaved by the Empire on Chewie’s home planet of Kashyyyk. In doing so, they call on all their old contacts in the smuggling business to help them. This could be a clue as to why the Falcon is featured on the cover of Life Debt, and also to the meaning of the title itself (in the Legends, Chewbacca owes a life debt to Han for freeing him from Imperial bondage).

Whatever Han and Chewie are doing, it’s bound to be another rip-roaring space adventure that will reveal more secrets about the thirty years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

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Look for Aftermath: Life Debt on store shelves in Summer 2016!