The Force Awakens: New Images Feat. Rey, Hux, and More


Six brand new images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens have been dropped, featuring new shots of Rey, General Hux, Han Solo, General Leia, and more.

Movie Jones, a German entertainment news site, dropped the images on their site and those images were reported by Making Star Wars. As the spoilerphobia is increasing with each day approaching the premiere of the movie, rest assured that the photos below do not give away any major plot points and are therefore not spoilers.

The first photo shows Rey on Jakku, resting in the shadow of a giant AT-AT foot. By her side is a Rebel Alliance helmet.

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In a new one minute-long The Force Awakens featurette about Rey, we got a glimpse of Daisy Ridley behind the scenes on the desert location for Jakku. A couple of seconds showed her in the market we’ve glimpsed in previews, and she was trying on a Rebel pilot’s helmet – probably the same one in the picture above. Does she know what it means, or does she like piloting gear? We know she’s a good pilot, so perhaps she’s dreaming of being a part of the Resistance (like a boy on another desert planet some decades before).

Above, Poe and BB-8 are having a bromance moment in what looks like a Resistance fighter base platform.

The next photo shows General Hux and Kylo Ren walking side by side on what looks like the bridge of a Star Destroyer. Captain Phasma lurks in the background.

Seeing them side by side brings up the question: What is Hux’s and Kylo’s relationship like? Are they competitors vying for authority in the First Order, or are do they form a dynamic closer to Darth Vader’s and Moff Tarkin’s in A New Hope: respectful to one another but powerful and frightening figures to their subordinates?

I also wonder how closely, regardless of how well, Hux and Kylo work together, and whether the Knights of Ren are merely partnering with the First Order or if they’re inextricably linked.

The above image is a welcome expansion of a shot we saw in the full trailer for The Force Awakens. It’s clear Leia and Han still have feelings for each other, which makes me feel relieved; no matter what’s happened in the last thirty years, even if they aren’t married they’re still close.

Another shot seen often in television spots of late is expanded, too, in the image below.

Presumably, Rey and BB-8 are looking up at a fleet of ships which are flying overhead.

Finally, we see a close up of a familiar furry friend.

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In just a little over a week, these scenes will come alive for us in theaters. With them, some of the mysteries surrounding them will finally be solved.