Second International The Force Awakens Trailer Is Intense


The second international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ratchets up the intensity.

Never-before-heard dialogue, Knights of Ren, Han Solo piloting the Falcon… these are just some of the things you’ll see if you watch the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fresh out of China. Fortunately, none of the new stuff is spoilery (unless you just count shots and lines as spoilery), so you can safely indulge. Check it out below, with a GIF breakdown of the new scenes to follow.

“I’ll show them the power of the darkness,” Kylo Ren promises, as the trailer shows him stepping off the ramp of his ship. A second or two later, he’s being approached by his brothers in the Knighthood of Ren, and the group stands dark and silent in a downpour.

But to whom is he promising this? Based on the next few shots, it sounds like he’s speaking to the dilapidated helmet of Darth Vader.

The next new portion of the trailer is dialogue, where we find Rey and BB-8 in the Jakku desert. Rey asks the little droid, “Where do you come from?” BB-8 beeps, and Rey says, “Classified? Really?”

Then she says, “Me, too.”

The thing about trailers is you can never be sure whether or not the dialogue you hear accompanying a particular scene is really from that scene. Therefore, Rey’s origins may not really be “classified,” per sae… She may be speaking sarcastically, saying where she came from is “classified” because she doesn’t really know where she came from.

The next new scene features new dialogue, as well, and a desperate chase.

“We can’t outrun them!” Finn shouts.

“We must!” says Rey. Meanwhile, BB-8 is rolling for all he’s worth.

There’s also a repeat of two lines we’ve heard before, in which Finn and Rey are running and Finn says, “We need a pilot!” Rey responds, “We’ve got one!” presumably meaning herself.

But the next scene shows Han Solo in the pilot’s seat. There, he offers a line which echoes lines spoken by both him and Lando Calrissian in the original trilogy.

“C’mon, baby, don’t let me down!” while Chewie growls and Rey and Finn look at each other skeptically. Doesn’t look like much has changed about the Millennium Falcon.

The next new scene shows X-wings approaching a ringed, dingy-looking planet.

I’m not sure which planet this is. It doesn’t look like what we think Starkiller Base looks like (basically a planet-sized version of the Death Star), but this is part of what trailers and pre-movie marketing are for: Misdirection. Keeping you on your toes and ultimately not letting you know anything about what really happens in the movie.

The scenes to follow the one above are full of attacking ships and troops from both the Resistance and the First Order, as well as interior shots of First Order hangars.

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We also get a slew of new lines throughout these scenes. First, Poe Dameron says from the cockpit of his X-Wing, “Red Squad, Blue Squad, take my lead.” We know from the Star Wars Twitter account his unit is Black Squadron, so it would seem the Resistance has kept up the practice of using colors to designate fighter groups.

(Poe’s line is very similar to what Captain Panaka says in The Phantom Menace: “Red Group! Blue Group! Everybody this way!” Just an interesting connection I thought I’d share.)

Then, we hear Snoke saying, “We will crush the Resistance, once and for all.”

Finally, Maz Kanata’s voice is heard saying, “[We? You?] must face them. Fight them. All of us.” It sounds like Maz is going to be more substantial than your typical rogue pirate thug (which makes me wonder why it’s significant she’s a pirate).

We see the Falcon approaching and landing (well, crash landing) on a couple of new locations in the next couple shots.

Next, probably on the same snowy wooded planet as above, Kylo Ren and Finn are having their first lightsaber clash. Interestingly, Kylo wields his hefty-looking lightsaber one-handed in this shot, which honestly makes him look more strong…and more dangerous.

I can’t wait to see the new lightsaber fighting styles in Episode VII play out in real time. There’s so much that’s gone into creating distinct forms in the previous six films, and the evolution both in and out of universe is fascinating. We’ve already heard The Force Awakens will feature a more aggressive, less slick form than we saw in the prequels. Hopefully, though,  it will also be more advanced than the original trilogy’s fights.

Finally, we see Poe in his X-wing, with BB-8 riding in back, and hear him shout, “We got a lot of company!” Afterwards, TIE fighters are glimpsed chasing a group of X-wings down to the surface of some massive structure, reminiscent of the trenches of the first Death Star.

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As aforementioned, there’s not anything for spoilerphobes to worry about seeing in this new trailer. When it comes down to it, we still don’t know what this movie is about.