Disney Infinity: Official Poster For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set Revealed


For anyone reading this site, December 18 has been circled on the calendar for a long time.

For fans of Disney Infinity 3.0, it may have been circled twice. Not only will Star Wars: The Force Awakens storm into theaters on that day (though let’s be honest, most of us are going the night before), the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set will also go on sale, bringing new characters and new adventures to Disney’s popular toys-to-life extravaganza.

With no specific movie tie-in video game in the works — probably a good thing, given the spotty history of such projects — the Play Set will be the way for fans to experience characters and stories from the film. And since characters from the first six movies are already well represented, Disney Infinity will become one of the most inclusive Star Wars experiences around.

To add that last extra bit of excitement as we come down the stretch, Disney Interactive released the official poster today for The Force Awakens Play Set, which you can see here:

Where’s Luke? Just kidding. The menacing figure of Kylo Ren looms over heroes both new (Finn, Rey, BB-8, Poe Dameron) and old (Han Solo, Chewbacca), along with some First Order Stormtroopers. If previous Star Wars Play Sets are any indication, those ships aren’t just there to look cool. I’d expect there might be some seat time in the Millennium Falcon awaiting us.

Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron will be available as single figures, while Rey and Finn both come with the Play Set. Could the poster be tipping us off to new Han and Chewie figures down the road? We’ll have to wait and see.

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It’s enough to make you want to swing by your favorite video game retailer right after you leave the theater from your second viewing of The Force Awakens on Friday afternoon! The Play Set is also available for pre-order if you just can’t wait even that long.