The Force Awakens: 10 Mysteries We Hope Will Be Solved

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10. Okay, seriously: Where’s Luke?

It’s no secret Luke Skywalker has been kept a secret for The Force Awakens. The only trace of him we’ve seen in trailers so far is a hooded man with a bionic hand, which he places on R2’s dome as if giving, or perhaps seeking, consolation.

The rumor is, of course, that Luke has been missing from everyone who knows him for several years. But if that’s the case, where has he gone, and why? His lightsaber, which he lost in Cloud City in his duel with Darth Vader, has been found again, and is probably going to end up being the McGuffin of the film. Will it somehow lead the heroes to his whereabouts? Will he kick major Kylo and Snoke butt, or has he changed for the worse rather than for the better?

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Harder to answer, Yoda might say, these questions are, then they are to ask. But the good news is, there’s a good chance some of these mysteries will be answered in just a few short days.