The Force Awakens Cast Sing Star Wars A Capella


The cast of The Force Awakens sang an a capella medley of Star Wars themes with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

The comedian managed to bring everyone together (except Mark Hamill, of course), even Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, to sing an a capella Star Wars medley. Watch the results, both funny and epic, below.

My favorite part is when Adam Driver interrupts the main theme with his “diddly dum” of the Imperial March. The Imperial March, like all of John Williams’ Star Wars scores, is so iconic. I wonder if the First Order will have their own unique march or if their theme will just be a spinoff of the Empire’s.

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The end with everyone singing at the same time is another great moment, as is the moment directly following with Harrison popping in with his own “bum bum bum.” It’s always great to see Harrison once again doing something fun and a bit silly. He has a stigma in the Star Wars fandom of just being a grumpy old man who doesn’t want to do anything Star Wars-related. I think he’s a little more easy-going than we give him credit for.

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Once again, we’re faced with the question: Where’s Luke? It’s not clear why Mark Hamill couldn’t participate in something like this, especially when his two Big Three costars, Ford and Fisher, made an appearance. Perhaps Disney and Lucasfilm are keeping Mark away from all kinds of media publicity.

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But whatever secrets he’s holding, they’ll soon be revealed; the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only one day away.