How To Get Tickets To The Force Awakens Premiere At The Last Minute


We have some suggestions for how to get tickets to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the last minute.

There are a lot of reasons you may not have gotten tickets for the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and find yourself needing them the day of. Perhaps you’ve just now been introduced to Star Wars, or maybe you’ve been prevented from getting to the theater or from preordering them online. Perhaps you have a ticket for yourself, but you need an extra for a friend or family member.

While a lot of theaters across the country have already sold out, amounting to $100 million in ticket sales, there are still a few avenues you can try to get yourself to tonight’s premiere.

1. Check online movie ticket sites and nearby theaters

It’s entirely possible your theater has not sold out yet. If for example, you live in a small town like I do, there may not be much of a rabid fanbase snatching up those tickets. Also, there’s no need to make getting a ticket (or tickets) harder on yourself if there are some easily available in your area.

If tickets aren’t available locally, try a wider range. Maybe a neighborhood or city nearby still has tickets available.

2. Check all of your social media outlets for people with extra tickets

Sometimes, someone will buy tickets for a movie, but for whatever reason find they can’t make it (i.e., illness, no babysitter). That’s why advertising on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is an efficient way to search for tickets which are no longer wanted or needed. It allows you to reach out to both people you know and strangers who live close to you to offer to buy their extra tickets, should they have any.

3. If the above options fail, check Craigslist and Ebay

Yes, Craigslist and Ebay sell movie tickets; or, at least, people wanting to make a few extra bucks are selling them. You may have to shell out more credits than you would have liked, but you’ll have to decide if making it to the premiere is worth it.

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4. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, ask for tickets from people waiting in line

This sounds desperate, but there may be someone waiting in line who has an extra ticket or who doesn’t want to see The Force Awakens enough to refuse to sell theirs. But, remember to be polite and not get in anyone’s face; no premiere is worth making a stranger uncomfortable. Also, be sure and offer the same amount or more than what the person probably paid for the ticket, to make selling it to you worthwhile for them.

5. Buy tickets for showings on Friday

There’s a good chance there will be showings available to watch on Friday. You can buy tickets for the earliest showing available, and while it won’t be the same as the premiere, at least you probably won’t have to go hunting for tickets.

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Whichever method you choose, remember to be safe and polite. And enjoy the movie.