Star Wars: The Force Awakens Run Time


How long will Star Wars: The Force Awakens run tonight? A PSA for those going to the midnight showing who still have to show up for work tomorrow.

How long does Star Wars: The Force Awakens run? This is very pertinent information for many geeks, who will be dropping everything to go to a midnight showing like they’re still in high school, despite having not only work, but a very important 8am meeting on Friday morning. It is also important for those who will be marathoning Star Wars movies prior to the main event. Pacing oneself for these movie marathons is key to not falling asleep, or worse, running the the restroom, and missing the best parts.

So how long does the movie run? According to Slashfilm, the answer is 135 minutes. (Or to put it another way 2 hours and 15 minutes.) That means, when one accounts for the six 2-3 minute long high profile trailers that are stacked in front of the movie, the midnight showing should be getting out around 2:30am. For the record, that puts The Force Awakens on par for length with The Phantom Menace (which runs 133 minutes) and Return of the Jedi (131 minutes.) The other two installments of the prequels run a good five-ten minutes longer (Attack of the Clones at 142 minutes and Revenge of the Sith at 140 minutes), while the first two of the original trilogy run ten-fifteen minutes shorter (A New Hope at 121 minutes, The Empire Strikes Back at 124 minutes.)

And please be advised: no matter what rumors you heard about a Rogue One or a Star Wars VIII bumper, there are *no* mid credit or post credit or post-post-credit sequences in this movie. As J.J. Abrams put it “No. All of the scenes are actually in the movie.”

Your move, MCU.

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