How to avoid Star Wars The Force Awakens spoilers


The definitive guide to avoiding Star Wars The Force Awakens spoilers so you don’t have anything ruined before you step into the theater to watch the movie.

That moment Star Wars fans have waited years for is almost here. December 17 is the night Star Wars The Force Awakens finally hits the theater and you’ve been counting down the days and impatiently waiting to get tickets to see the latest installment in this great movie franchise.

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But what about those fans who can’t get in for the opening night or even the opening weekend to see the big budget blockbuster film and are worried about spoilers ruining your viewing experience?

If you want to avoid spoilers so you can go into the theater with a blank slate, I have some advice for you to avoid the dreaded spoiler.

We’ve all had things spoiled before. Whether it was the ending to Breaking Bad, The Sopranos or what happened on the latest season of Game of Thrones, we’ve had important plot details revealed before we could see it play out on the screen. Few things are as upsetting as spoilers, so the best way to avoid a spoiler before you can see Star Wars The Force Awakens it to stay off the internet!

It’s counterintuitive, because you’re on the internet, on a Star Wars fan site nonetheless, but the best way to avoid spoilers is avoiding the place where spoilers breed.

For the days leading up to and after, you’ll want to stay off social media as well, because you don’t want to be scrolling through your Facebook news feed and see your cousin spoil some secret cameo or scroll through your timeline on Twitter and see some stranger reveal the shocking ending.

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You can, however, mute “Star Wars” and “Star Wars The Force Awakens” on Tweetdeck so you can still scroll through it as you would normally, but any mention of those terms won’t show up in your timeline.

Another option would be not watching the trailer. I know, I know, you’ve likely already seen it 347 times since it first came out, but watching it is only going to give you clues about what you’re going to see. It won’t be major spoilers, but it’ll prevent you from going in with a blank slate.

The best tip to avoiding spoilers sounds like common sense, but get out to the theater however you can and see it as soon as possible, because the longer you wait until seeing the movie, the more dangerous it’ll be that you’ll get a spoiler when you least suspect it.