John Boyega Confirms Filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII to Begin Soon


John Boyega has quickly become a fan favorite among Star Wars fans, with his enthusiastic portrayal of Finn. With The Force Awakens currently in theaters, the actor now turns his attentions to Episode VIII…

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The life of a an actor in the old Star Wars Cinematic Universe — up until filming began for The Force Awakens — had been a boring one. With no new films on the horizon after Revenge of the Sith, the only Star Wars related adventures that actors like Mark Hamill could hope for, was fan events and conventions. Well, now we’ve begun the wild-ride that is the new Star Wars Cinematic Universe (piloted by Disney), and the actors involved are about to get really busy.

Enter John Boyega (Finn), who has endeared himself to Star Wars fans around the world, with his charm, enthusiasm, and willingness to get involved with the fans. According to Flickering Myth, Boyega told fans at a screening in Brixton’s Ritzy Cinema — In London — that production on Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to get underway “in a few weeks.

"“I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting this movie. The movie is yours now and I really hope you enjoyed it and we are so happy to be starting on Episode VIII in a few weeks in London and it is going to be fun.”"

So, while Rogue One is entering 2016, heading into post-production/filming, Star Wars: Episode VIII with director Rian Johnson, are going to be filming, full steam ahead. This is certainly exciting news, and you can certainly see the frantic pace of Star Wars films lining-up to get filmed. In fact, Rogue One — which is a prequel standalone to A New Hope — will hit theaters in December of 2016, and Episode VIII will premiere five months later in 2017.

H/T — Flickering Myth