Lawrence Kasdan says Star Wars: Episode VIII is “going to be weird”


As we head into January 1, 2016, it’s time to start looking forward to the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan isn’t writing the script to Star Wars: Episode VIII, but he has seen it, and he says it’s going to get weird…

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Anytime Lawrence Kasdan speaks, you should pay attention. Kasdan wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, before joining J.J. Abrams on The Force Awakens. The Los Angeles Times talked to the legendary screenwriter, and he had some interesting things to say about Star Wars: Episode VIII.

"“These movies will all be so different. Rian Johnson is a friend of mine, he’s going to make some weird thing.”"

This actually sounds really fun because one thing J.J. Abrams did was, while he certainly paid homage to the Original Trilogy with The Force Awakens, he also took his own path, and made the film his own…separate from George Lucas. Kasdan had more to say:

"“If you’ve seen Rian’s work, you know it’s not going be like anything that’s ever been in Star Wars. You couldn’t have three more different people than J.J., Rian and Colin.”"

Colin Trevorrow will direct Star Wars: Episode IX, and recently had a huge blockbuster hit with Jurassic World. Kasdan is absolutely spot-on in regard to Rian Johnson’s body of work. Brick was a fantastic film, but his science-fiction film — Looper — really made an impact on me, when I found out he was tagged to helm Star Wars: Episode VIII.

With Lawrence Kasdan giving his seal of approval to Rian Johnson, then I have no doubt that Episode VIII will be just as good — or dare I even say — better than The Force Awakens. We have plenty of time to watch Johnson form this film, as it isn’t slated to hit theaters until May 26, 2017.

H/T — LA Times