Star Wars Fan Builds Fully Operational Star Destroyer Computer


A Star Wars fan has built — from scratch — a fully operational (except flying of course) Star Destroyer gaming computer with this YAZI – Venator Class Star Destroyer …

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In today’s age, we all have computer’s, but what if I told you about a fully operational Star Destroyer? displayed this wonderous idea built by modder Sander van der Velden, who integrated the PC’s hardware and architecture into features of the ship, including the engines. The frame is made of aluminum while the rest was created with a 3D printer. It is amazing as he takes a step by step building phase of this achievement.

MSI Gaming Computers are some of the best in the world, and now with the full backing and military might of the Empire, they should be able to squash all other rivals. Seriously though, Can you imagine playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, or Star Wars Battlefront with this beauty sitting on a table beside you?

According to the creator, MSI asked if they could showcase the YAZI Venator Class Star Destroyer computer at the International CES 2016 in Las Vegas…and as well they should. The complete breakdown on how this is built can be found on Velden’s website. This really is an amazing gaming rig, and one that any Star Wars fan — regardless of being a gamer or not — would be more than proud to have wired into his or her home network.

We want to know what you think. Would you want this beautiful monstrosity taking up a ton of room in your house? What other ships from the Star Wars universe would you want to see as a computer? Let us know in the comments and on Social Media.

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