New Actress Cast in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


With Rogue One being the next film up in the Star Wars cinematic universe, we are beginning to receive information on casting and filming. Today we have news of a new actress and name, added to the film…

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (I still hate that name) is filming full-steam ahead. And with filming underway, more and more casting news and information will begin to surface. Today we’ve learned from Casting Call Pro, that actress Gabrielle Fritz has been signed to work as a double on Rogue One, and that the character she is portraying will be called Lyra Erso.

According to her actor’s page, Gabrielle has been working for quite a while on many projects. She is a bilingual actress (English and German), and is originally from Austria, having spent time in the U.S. but is now based in London. She is also a professional Voice Over Artist. She is currently working on the BBC1 drama series Dr. Foster, and is filming The Grand Tour, which is describes as an exciting recreation of the Voyager space mission.

As far as her role in Rogue One goes, we really have no clue as to who the character Lyra Erso is, or who the actress is, she is body doubling for. However, Fritz does sort of resemble Felicity Jones, and as a double, she wouldn’t have to look exactly like her.

Could Gabrielle Fritz be the body double actress for Felicity Jones, who is the lead role for Rogue One? We don’t know, but it kind of feels like it. If she is, then we may now know the name of Felicity’s character, Major Lyra Erso…but for now, this is pure speculation.