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7 Things To Look Forward To From Star Wars In 2016

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3. Star Wars Celebration Europe

Last year, Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim was the biggest event for fans next to the premiere of The Force Awakens. We got all kinds of new content, from a The Force Awakens behind the scenes video, to interviews with the cast, to previews of new books, comics, and Star Wars Rebels episodes.

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This year, from July 15 to July 17, Star Wars Celebration will be in London for what could be the biggest Celebration ever. Some exciting things we may have to look forward to are a trailer for Rogue One, previews of Star Wars Rebels season three, early copies of New Republic: Bloodline for sale, and announcements for Marvel comics.

If we’re fortunate, we may even get appearance from the Star Wars: Episode VIII cast and new behind the scenes footage. After all, they shoot right there at Pinewood Studios in London. And with Celebration taking place less than a year out from Episode VIII‘s premiere, we may even get a teaser trailer.

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