Cosplay Remix: Star Wars Shows 5 Years Of Star Wars Cosplay


Cosplay Remix: Star Wars shows Star Wars cosplay collected from five years of cons.

The geniuses behind this incredible compendium is YouTube’s beatdownboogie. The channel provides event videos, like the one you’re about to see, as well as original web series and other “geeky entertainment.”

The video below is certainly geeky entertainment, featuring Star Wars cosplays from the purely creative to the stunningly accurate (the song is R2D2 by DJ Demonixx).

Each one of these cosplays takes an immeasurable amount of skill. Even the ones that look fairly rudimentary, like the cardboard costumes of the main original trilogy characters, must have taken hours of work to get the shape and look just right. And then you have the photo accurate costumes, like groups such as the 501st Legion wear, achieved through painstakingly carved and painted stormtrooper and Mandalorian armor, home-sewn fabrics, and makeup.

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Some of the cosplays in the video must have been shot fairly recently; there’s a glimpse of a cosplay of Hera, the pilot from Star Wars Rebels, and throughout the video we see more than one Kylo Ren.

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Star Wars costumes tend to have a distinctiveness about them which makes fans want to wear them the moment they see them. For example, I know personally of Rey cosplayers who got started on their costumes months before we saw Rey on the big screen. And with Star Wars Rebels ramping up on January 20th for its season 2B premiere, featuring the ever-fashionable Princess Leia in a cameo, it’s probably only a matter of time before we see a cosplayer in the princess’s new, Ralph McQuarrie-inspired outfit.

Thanks to beatdownboogie for this amazing video showcasing one of the best parts of Star Wars fandom.