Kylo Ren Will Arrive At Disney Parks In February


Kylo Ren will be joining the cast of Star Wars characters at Disney Parks in February.

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Star Wars has become a huge fixture at Disneyland and Disney World, and with new attractions inspired by the galaxy far, far away in the works, it’s an excellent time to add new characters to Star Wars cast roaming the parks. Kylo Ren looks to be the first to join the Disney crew (via Disney Parks).

As for where you can find him in the vastness of the Disney Parks: One of the main Star Wars attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida and Disneyland in California, Star Wars Launch Bay, will feature a “portal” into Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer starting next month. Sounds like a good a place as any to have a confrontation with the Darth Vader-wannabe (and maybe have a few words with him about what he did to his father).

Star Wars characters have been especially popular at the parks during Star Wars Weekends, a five-weekend galactic extravaganza, complete with celebrity guest appearances and exclusive Star Wars Rebels footage, used to be THE annual Disney Star Wars event. Now, Weekends has been phased out, and it’s not clear if there’s going to be a direct replacement.

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Kylo Ren will certainly be a welcome addition to Disney’s character roster with a lot of new little Star Wars fans visiting the parks. I imagine Rey and Finn will be just as popular, whenever they’re incorporated.