Star Wars Rebels Recap: A Princess On Lothal

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Now that there’s a lull in the mission, Ezra’s feelings of grief for his parents return. Kanan tells Leia about Ezra’s parents, and how hard it is for someone so young to be a part of this fight. Leia says she knows the feeling, and goes to talk to Ezra at Kanan’s prompting. She finds Ezra looking at the holopicture of his parents, and he wonders out loud if the fight for freedom is worth it. Leia says she has those same doubts every day, but she feels like since she can fight, she has to “for those who cannot.” She adds that she thinks Ezra is the same way.

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Ezra is inspired by their conversation, and shuts down the hologram to join the others at the holotable. At the holotable, Sabine has brought up a layout of the Imperial security surrounding the landing field where the cruisers are stationed. The cruisers are guarded by two AT-ATs and a garrison of troops. The Ghost crew is at first disheartened by the prospect of facing such a massive force, but Leia once again provides inspiration for action. The rebels begin to form a plan as each of them volunteers an idea.

Azadi knows how the gravity locks work, as he helped put them together when he was still a prisoner of the Empire, so he offers to disable them. Hera will provide air support from The Ghost, while the others hold off the stormtroopers and pilot the cruisers as Azadi frees them.

Everything starts out according to plan. Leia, Kanan, and Ezra distract the stormtroopers at the landing field while Azadi, Sabine, and Chopper go to work on the gravity locks. Hera and Zeb manage to wound an AT-AT using The Ghost‘s turret lasers. Sabine and Kanan pilot the first two cruisers; but before Kanan boards his, he takes out an AT-AT’s legs with his lightsaber (incidentally, that sequence showing off Kanan’s Jedi prowess ends on an interesting riff of “Rey’s Theme” from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack).

Leia is awestruck, and Ezra tries to amaze her further by disarming the stormtroopers about to gun down Azadi with the Force. Leia is impressed (mostly) and then uses one of the guns Ezra retrieved to shoot the remaining stormtroopers. Azadi then boards the final cruiser and uses it to take out the second AT-AT.

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With the last cruiser ready to go, Leia gives Ezra permission to stun her with his lightsaber, to make it look like she was as much a victim of the rebels’ theft as her fellow Imperials. Lieutenant Lyste helps her up, and is immediately an object of the princess’s well-practiced ire. She pretends to be upset at Lothal’s lack of Imperial competence, and threatens to inform the Senate of their inadequacy. Lyste quickly offers to compensate Alderaan for the loss of the cruisers, and Leia once again demands an Imperial shuttle on which she can return to her home planet.

Meanwhile, the rebels successfully unite the cruisers with their new rebel owners. Azadi, who is still with them, informs them he has had a change of heart; he wants to return to Lothal to continue the fight against the Empire from there.

With new allies and new ships, the rebels have won another day.

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