Marvel Star Wars Comics #16 Rebel Jail Follows the Events of Vadar Down


Following the events of Vader Down, in Marvel Star Wars #16 — Rebel Jail — the Rebels travel to a prison base with their high-value detainee Doctor Aphra in tow. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones with eyes on the prison…

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With the base under siege by mysterious foes, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Chewie and the Droids (C-3Po and R2) try and  prevent a mass breakout. Marvel Star Wars presents an exciting new story arc this February with Star Wars #16 Rebel Jail. Written by Jason Aaron, with art by Leinil Yu.

Princess Leia variant by: Leinil Yu

Sketch variant 

Immonen variant

Action figure variant by John Tyler Christopher

These variants are great and feature Leia prominently…which is great. It’s also nice to see the old school original three get some love, throughout the the comics, once again, as well as the R2 and Threepio. Hopefully we will see some sort of fluidity through these Marvel Star Wars comics and the Original Trilogy, all the way through Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and hopefully it Marvel won’t shuffle its feet getting there.

The point of have the continuity of Marvel’s storytelling to connect the OT to the events of The Force Awakens is a great idea, but to shuffle its feet in getting there would be a terrible idea, as losing its crowd in the process could actually happen. With Episode VIII being almost a full two years away (December of 2017), there is a very real danger of people losing interest in the overall story of the connecting theme, and Marvel has a real opportunity here to keep people connected through the comics.

Perhaps fastforwarding the story a bit, in order to get to The Force Awakens a bit sooner, than later, would be more prudent than being stuck in the A New Hope era, for the next year.