Disney Reportedly Seeking Rich Deal for TV Rights to Star Wars Films


According to a report from Variety, Disney is looking to for a “rich deal” to sell the television rights to the Star Wars films to network television/cable TV. But, who can afford its hefty asking price?

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is rapidly approaching $900 million. And with such an astronomical number within its grasp, Disney is looking to bolster its numbers — rather mightily — with the sale of free television rights to a nine-movie Star Wars package, according to a report from Variety.

"“Among the cable outlets that are believed to have been pitched or scheduled to meet with Disney execs are Turner, FX Networks, Viacom, NBCUniversal (focusing on USA and Syfy), A+E Networks and AMC Networks.”"

The reports states that while Disney is hoping for roughly $30 million apiece for The Force Awakens and Episodes VIII & IX, the asking prices for the six older titles in the series — the Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy — is still up in the air. However, the wild success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, most definitely will have an impact on the price tag of the previous six-older films.

According to Variety, the fly in the ointment — if you will — is what they call the Netflix factor:

"“The next two “Star Wars” movies and other Disney theatrical releases will shift to Netflix for the traditional pay TV window, under the blockbuster output deal that Disney struck with Netflix in late 2012. That deal, valued at $300 million a year for Disney, covers the Mouse’s theatrical releases starting in 2016.”"

If a cable network…or “free TV” provider can get its hands on the Star Wars saga, then it would be a major coup for television viewers, as well as a blow to cord-cutters, who use reasons like this one (streaming provides better-cheaper options) to go against cable and stream exclusively. We shall have to stay tuned and see where Disney and Star Wars lands, in the very near future.

Source — Variety