Star Wars: Episode IX to be Shot on Film not Digital


Star Wars: Episode VIII has yet to begin filming, and we already have some interesting Episode IX news, as director Colin Trevorrow recently told Variety that his film will be shot on film and not digital…

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Talking to Variety, Star Wars: Episode IX director — Colin Trevorrow — stated that he prefered to watch movies shot on film, instead of digital, which is the popular medium, in this era.

"“There’s something in my brain that says, ‘well they didn’t have video cameras then.”"

When asked about reverting from digital to film, Trevorrow joked that Star Wars is in fact a period film that happened a long time ago…which is actually a great Star Wars joke. Variety points out that fellow filmmaker Christopher Nolan also is a huge proponent for shooting movies on film instead of digital, despite many of the big theater chains pushing the directors to switch to the more affordable digital option.

It will be interesting to see a director go back to film, instead of digital. Trevorrow is already considered a forward thinking director in his field, and to have him take a stance on how he will shoot Star Wars: Episode IX, regardless of how the big theater chains feel, is actually really cool.

When it all shakes out, Trevorrow is really trying to keep the integrity of the movie-going experience intact. In an age where streaming giants like Netflix and other on-demand services are making going to the theater an afterthought, the way to get people to come see films is to make the movie as quality as possible…and in Trevorrow’s mind, that means shooting it on film, not digital.

Source — Variety