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Maz Kanata Is An Action Figure In Next Wave of The Force Awakens Toys


Maz Kanata will finally be featured in a playable form other than a Lego minifigure.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop on a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens playset being showcased at the New York Toy Fair, February 13-16th. It’s a 3.75″ multi-figure pack based on the Takodana Encounter sequence in the film, and it features Maz Kanata in action figure form for the first time.

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via Entertainment Weekly

Replete with a gun, goggles, and a painted costume capturing every detail of her on-screen appearance, Maz is ready for action. And she’s got three companions who come with her in the Takodana Encounter set.

via Entertainment Weekly

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Finn, Rey, and BB-8 can all be gotten in separate packs (the 3.75″ scale of BB-8 comes with two Jakku scavenger figures), but for now, this packaged deal is the only way you can get a 3.75″ figure of Maz. But that’s no bad thing, when you consider the Takodana Encounter playset is only $19.99 and includes a variety of awesome accessories.

"In addition to the four characters, two blasters, and Rey’s staff, the Takodana Encounter playset will have two lightsabers — both of them the blue-bladed one from the movie that once belonged to Luke Skywalker and his father before him. But one will be extended, and the other will just be the handle. The chest from the movie where Rey finds the saber is also included in the multi-pack, with the handle inside (but unmovable.)"

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This is a terrific deal. You get four major characters from the film, one of them being the first action figure made for its character, and a trove of cool extras to make your playtime or display come alive. And you can’t beat a price of $19.99.