Forest Whitaker Talks Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


The very first standalone Star Wars film — Rogue One — is coming to theaters this December, and the stars of the film are slowly but surely beginning to come out of the shadows to talk about the film…

Actor Forest Whitaker, who will be this December’s Rogue One — in an as yet unspecified role — sat down with the hosts of Today, to talk about his  upcoming Broadway play Hughie. Of course, anytime an actor is in an upcoming Star Wars film, the subject inevitably turns to that topic in a galaxy far, far away…and so it did.

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As you can see, Whitaker didn’t have too much to divulge about the film, but he did leave a few bread crumbs, as to the tone of the film. According to the actor, Rogue One will be a much darker and grittier version of Star Wars, than we fans have ever seen. He also stated that he is done filming his scenes for the film.

For a month or so now, there have been major rumors in connection with what Whitaker said about the grittier version of Star Wars. One report even has it that Darth Vader will be involved in very dark scenes, where he throws his lightsaber, lifts bodies off the ground using the Force, and using them as meat-shields. There is also talk of Vader severing limbs and possible decapitation.

Another account from Slashfilm, has it that Forest Whitaker’s character could be a bounty hunter type, that he walks with a sort of cane and that he may have a robotic leg.

This is all very exciting news, and you should stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force, as we bring you all the new and information about everything Star Wars.