Say Happy Valentine’s Day the Star Wars Way


A long time ago, on a site far, far away, two bros came together to create what they considered reasonably hilarious Star Wars themed Valentine’s Day greetings cards…

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That fateful site — — ran by an artist named Charles Evans and a writer named Razor (that’s me!) took-on the darkest corners of the interwebs to come up with some decently funny content. These Star Wars themed Valentine’s Day greetings cards were the byproduct of our demented funtime. As you can tell, the artwork is all the from the genius that is Mr. Evans, but some of the jokes are from yours truly…ah, the good ole days.

First up, nothing says I love you, like keeping it in the family…AMIRITE LUKE?

Next, who wants a little Sith in them tonight?

Hey, it’s not Valentine’s Day without the crazy stuff, right?

I think all Star Wars fans can get behind this card…

Mine and Charles’ 12 year old selves just couldn’t help the double entendres…

Finally, no Star Wars Valentine’s Day would be complete without the Grand Master Jedi of ass, Yizzoda…or as the clones like to call him, Yeezy.

Happy made-up consumer holiday, everyone! We hope you enjoy these Star Wars greetings cards, and we also hope you’ve decided to enjoy them in good taste and in good health…and remember: “For sexytime, Bantha oils, lubrication they do provide”….that’s a free tip from Grand Master Yeezy.

We want to hear from you! You got any Star Wars Valentine’s greetings for us? Let us know in the comments and on social media. Oh and thanks to my old pal Charles Evans for the artwork. You can find him on Twitter @Banditref…give him a follow, he’s a galactically hilarious guy.