Peter Mayhew Tweeting Original Star Wars Script Ahead Of Big Announcement


Everyone’s favorite Wookiee actor is sharing pictures of the original Star Wars script ahead of a big announcement.

Using Twitter as his medium, Peter Mayhew is sharing pictures of individual script pages from his copy of the original Star Wars script. He says he’s releasing them in anticipation of a “big announcement,” but he hasn’t elaborated on that aspect any more than that.

So what is this “big announcement”? Let’s speculate according to what clues we have.

Aside from the title being Journal of the Whills instead of Star Wars or even A New Hope, not much from these first pages of the script deviates from the final cut we see and hear on our screens today. Perhaps that in and of itself is a clue. Mayhew could be releasing photos of any script (the one from The Force Awakens would be especially relevant and interesting to read), but he chose to share his copy of the original Star Wars screenplay.

It seems pertinent that recently, the news broke that a group of fans had rendered and released a “silver screen edition” of A New Hope for free on the internet. This version of the film is an original theatrical version, meaning it’s completely without all of George Lucas’s later CG add-ons. That also means it’s as close to the original script as you can get. Shortly after that news broke, Mayhew started tweeting pictures of his old script, with the promise of big news to come.

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It seems almost premature to suggest Disney is going to release the theatrical version of A New Hope on home video or even digital; because, unless the status has changed behind the scenes, there are legal issues with Fox which would prevent that. However, it’s curious: What big announcement coinciding with the release of the final pages of an actor’s classic Star Wars script could there be aside from something related to the classic trilogy? And what bigger news would get fans more excited than Disney and/or Fox releasing the very first theatrical version of A New Hope on Blu Ray or digital?

Again, I hesitate to suggest this. The legal issues which would prevent this are, as far as we know, still in place. However, that’s the first place my mind goes to when speculating on this “big announcement” Mayhew is hinting at. The announcement could be less explosive; perhaps an original theatrical version is going to be re-released in theaters for a limited time, or perhaps Disney is continuing the 3D revival of the Star Wars saga begun with the prequel trilogy a few years ago. It could even be referring to something Mayhew is revealing that’s personal, maybe a new career move or an update on his involvement in the sequel trilogy.

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Regardless of what the news is, it seems likely it has something to do with the original trilogy, particularly A New Hope. To what degree, remains to be found out.