FEM7 Star Wars Armor Kit Helps Women Cosplay As Stormtroopers


The new FEM7 stormtrooper armor kit from KW Designs helps women cosplay Star Wars in a suit designed specifically for them.

Designed specifically for women by Kevin Weir of KW Designs, the armor is shaped to fit a more feminine physique, while still maintaining the austerity of the Empire’s innumerable enforcers in white.

via Making Star Wars

Amanda Ward of Making Star Wars recently shared her experience of dressing up in the new classic trilogy-inspired kit at its debut at Long Beach Comic Con.

"Now, I’m actually not the cosplaying type. I usually hate walking around cons and I cannot stand being uncomfortable in my clothes. I honestly never got into it because I was scared of the attention. But when my good friend and cosplaying pro Sal Perales told me about the FEM7 armor and the incredible opportunity for me to be a part of its debut, well I couldn’t let my fears hold me back!"

"I had such an incredible time putting this armor together and getting to wear it with 11 other lovely ladies this weekend. A huge shout-out to Kevin for designing something that makes me look cool to my son, and gigantic thank you to my partner in assembly, Sal Perales, without whom I would never have had this crazy adventure!"

KW Designs is known for their Star Wars armor sculpts, particularly those inspired by The Clone Wars. According to Amanda Ward, KW Designs is “at the forefront of the future of cosplay armor creation” with their vacuum-forming helmets and use of 3D for scanning and modeling.

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You can peruse and purchase armor for your own cosplay from KW Designs at Imperial Surplus, or contact Kevin Weir on Facebook or Instagram for more information. Through March 31st, the FEM7 armor will be discounted.