REPORT: Rogue One Trailer Close to Airing — Tone is Dark


Reports are beginning to surface that the brass at Disney/Lucasfilm have seen multiple versions of the first Rogue One: A Star Wars trailer and are deciding which one to show to the public, first, and that the tone is dark…

In a recent tweet from the Editor in Chief of Cinelinx Jordan Maison, we’ve learned that the top suits at Disney/Lucasfilm have seen the Rogue One trailer, that there are a couple versions, the brass are deciding which version to show, and that the overall tone of the trailer is that it is dark. Here’s Maison’s tweet:

Maison goes on later to say that he’s heard the tone of these trailers to be “dark.”

If this report pans out to be factually correct (and I believe it will, because Maison and Cinelinx are usually spot-on), then there really isn’t any big surprise here. From the very first time Disney released the first cast photo of Rogue One, the tone of the film seemed the most dark and gritty of a Star Wars film that we’ve ever seen, before.

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We’ve also reported on Darth Vader having a much larger role in Rogue One, than previously thought, with a much more grisly and gruesome outcome for our Rebels. Reports from storyboards for some of Vader’s battle scenes have the Sith Lord decapitating bodies, dismembering his foes by throwing his lightsaber at them, and levitating bodies up to make himself meat shields…Rogue One is setting up to be a Star Wars film like none we’ve ever seen before.