Get Your First Look at Marvel Star Wars C-3PO #1 Including That Shiny Red Arm!


Marvel Star Wars has officially announced and released the first look at C-3PO #1 which will tell the harrowing tale of how everyone’s protocol droid got that dang red arm!

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One of the burning questions left unanswered from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was how C-3PO got that red arm. Yeah, yeah, you were gonna say who Rey’s parents were…duh. Anyway, two-weeks ago, we told you that Marvel Star Wars was going to tell the tale of how C-3PO lost his shiny golden-rod of an arm, and how it was replaced with the arm of another droid of another color. Here’s what was said from the official Marvel Star Wars presser:

How did C-3PO get his red arm?! Find out this March as the burning question is answered in STAR WARS SPECIAL: C-3PO #1! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside this highly anticipated special. Reuniting acclaimed & award-winning creators James Robinson and Tony Harris for the first time in nearly two decades, follow everyone’s favorite protocol droid on a solo adventure leading up to his appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens! STAR WARS SPECIAL: C-3PO #1 is the only place to learn the shocking truth behind how C-3PO lost his original arm – and the exciting origin of how he gained a new one. Get the full story and discover the origins of his new appendage when STAR WARS SPECIAL: C-3PO #1 comes to comic shops in March!

Marvel Star Wars C-3PO #1 is written by James Robinson with art and cover by Tony Harris. Here’s the Special Cover:

There of course will be several variant covers available. An Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER, Red Arm Spotlight Variant by TONY HARRIS, Variant Covers by REILLY BROWN and TODD NAUCK, as well as a Movie Photo Variant and Blank Variant.

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As you can see, there are a couple of recognizable droids from The Force Awakens in the preview panels. It looks as if C-3PO is out on a scouting mission, running the droid spy network for General Leia’s Resistance, and in these panels he still has his golden arm. I guess we will have to purchase 3-3PO #1 to see how he gets the red arm. Looks like we have something to looks forward to in March!