Mark Hamill Reportedly Headed to Dubrovnik to Film Scenes for Star Wars: Episode VIII


A new report from MosCroatia has announced that Mark Hamill is joining his Star Wars: Episode VIII co-star Daisy Ridley in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to film what is being rumored as night chase scenes down Dubrovnik’s streets, together…

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The zany folks at MosCroatia are back with more reports from the grand-old city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, and this time they’ve got some news regarding Luke Skywalker and his newest Padawan, Rey. According to the site, Mark Hamill will join Daily Ridley in early March, to begin filming scenes at night, for Star Wars: Episode VIII.

"“With exceptional pleasure to announce that it probably Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Daisy Ridley (Rey)!”"

According to MosCroatia, they sent out their scouts (dressed as Darth Vader and a set of stormtroopers) to do some reconnaissance — and others — and in the process, they got the goods on Hamill and Ridley. Google Translate doesn’t exactly do justice to Croatian, but it’s the best we have…for now:

"“Until the information is not easy to come by, but when you’re in costume is not easy to get even on the set itself. The phenomenon of our members in Stradun caused indescribable crowd and attraction, media interest, but also of the people of Dubrovnik who wanted to take pictures with well-known villains saga. Of course, too much interest did not suit the production and is set visit was short, but as you can see, fruitful.”"

So what does this mean for Star Wars: Episode VIII, and why does it seem like we already have more information about this film, that we did about The Force Awakens, and than we do about Rogue One? Well, one only need look at the director change for this film: Rian Johnson is not as secretive as J.J. Abrams who is infamous for his ability to trick the public (10 Cloverfield Lane) and keep the lid on his movie secrets.

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Also, with Disney pushing Star Wars: Episode VIII back to Christmas 2017, there is more time for the public to lose interest in the sequel to The Force Awakens, so carefully planned leaks are actually a smart strategic move, from the studio’s point of view. So, for now, we will go with what MosCroatia is reporting and lean on their news that Mark Hamill is joining Daisy Ridley in Dubrovnik. Hopefully soon, we will know what kind of scenes they will be filming for sure, for Star Wars: Episode VIII.