Star Wars: The Force Awakens Coming to Blu-Ray/DVD April 5th


Thanks to an Instagram post from JediNewsUK it appears that we finally know when Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD…

UPDATE 3.3.16: Disney has confirmed the release date for the Blu-ray/DVD will be April 5th, and the Digital DL will be April 1st

In a recent Instagram post, JediNewsUK posted a photo of a Duracell batteries display in a Tesco Foods store in Northern Ireland. The sign has a jovial Duracell bunny (although I thought Energizer was supposed to be the bunny) swinging a lightsaber above pictures of The Force Awakens Blu-ray/DVDs, with the words beneath it: “Own it on DVD and Blu-ray available 18th April.”

I wonder if someone at Tesco is going to be getting a very angrily typed Email from Disney/Lucasfilm, very soon? Well, this is great news for those of us not planning on downloading the film digitally. Just a few weeks ago we told you about Amazon accidentally leaking April 5th as the digital download date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Films are always released a couple of weeks early on digital downloads, so if you are into having your films stored in the cloud or on your computer/smart TV, then good for you, you’ll get The Force Awakens two full weeks before the rest of us.

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I’m not sure what the April 18th date means for those of us living in the US, as sometimes the UK gets releases a couple of days ahead of us, and in rare cases a day or two behind. Target, Walmart, and Best Buy all have their preorder sites up and live for The Force Awakens, but the release dates are not listed on any of the three.