Sets Finished in Dubrovnik for Star Wars: Episode VIII


With Filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII set to begin on March 9th in the grand old city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, the facades in front of the city shops are finally completed and they look like something straight out of an Imperial or First Order headquarters…

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Thanks to a Redditor from the Star Wars subreddit — Mindfreak191 — who’s friend is currently in Dubrovnik and may possibly be working with the crew for Star Wars: Episode VIII (and has worked on Game of Thrones in the same city), we have some amazing photos and close-up looks at the completed facades of the city street shops that were transformed into what appear to be some type of First Order installations. With lighting and uniformed control panels, as well as ominous black steps leading to the doors, these doors look to be conformed to match the uniformed policy of the First Order. Check them out:

This photo shows the lighted steps, and the door that should open once the correct code sequence is input. I am beginning to wonder if this is the mysterious planet that Supreme Leader Snoke calls home.

A nice side view of the other lit doors along the street. According to MosCroatia, Rey will be chased along these streets…but by who? Could she and Luke Skywalker actually try and infiltrate Snoke’s planet to try and save Kylo Ren from Snoke’s corruption? Does Luke sense that the Light still pulls at his one-time pupil, and so he commissions a daring rescue attempt?

And here’s the same doors in the light of day. If Luke does somehow feel confident enough in Rey’s training as a Jedi — and let’s face it, she’s pretty powerful as a raw recruit — would he possibly jeopardize it all to save his nephew? The only reminder Leia has left of Han? The Force Awakens made it quite clear that Kylo Ren nee-Ben Solo still constantly battles the pull from the Light Side of the Force.

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If Star Wars: Episode VIII turns out to be a redemption story for Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) and Benicio Del Toro becomes Snoke’s new evil Sith-like apprentice and new baddie in the galaxy, that could make perfect sense. It’s going to take way more than just Luke and Rey to defeat not only Snoke, but all the the Knights of Ren, and any help they could get would be a boon. What better story to tell in the Star Wars universe, than that of redemption…it’s the perfect way for Kylo Ren — who worships Vader who was himself redeemed — to be redeemed by the Light, and then help destroy Snoke in Episode IX.