Star Wars Battlefront Releases “Survivors of Endor” Map In Free Update


EA has dropped two new pieces of free content to Star Wars Battlefront before it unleashes its larger, paid DLC later this month.

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This morning, the gaming company made available the multiplayer map “Survivors of Endor” which can be played in the Turning Point, Supremacy, and Walker Assault game modes, as well as a new single player Survival mission at the existing map “Rebel Depot on Tatooine”.

The official patch notes of the release reveal no bug fixes or weapons modifications.

While the fire-enveloped Endor map is a pleasant contrast to the gloomy landscape of “Twilight On Hoth” released two weeks ago, it isn’t exactly fresh.  Battlefront already has multiple game-modes available in different variations of the forest moon.  As its name might suggest, this particular incarnation of the Endor locale is war-torn and crumbling.  The massive redwoods are splintered and falling, and patches of fire and wreckage are scattered around the map.

The Rebel Depot is a map that has been available in other game modes since the game’s release in November.

Sometime in March, EA and Dice will be releasing the Outer Rim DLC, a paid package of content that will feature the following:

  • A new game mode called “Extraction” in which the rebels try to relay valuable resources to a transport ship.
  • Two new maps:  The Factories of Sullust and Jabba the Hut’s Palace on Tatooine.
  • Two new heroes: Greedo and Nien Nunb.
  • Five new weapons and equipment:  The Relvy V-10 rifle, the DT-12 blaster, the Scatter Gun, the Dioxis Grenade, and the Adrenaline Stim star cards.

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Curious is the choice of new heroes.  Greedo and Nien Nunb certainly have pop culture appeal, but their likenesses are already available as an appearance modification when playing as a rebel soldier.  Not to mention the game is still missing more obvious, and likely more popular choices for heroes like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Chewbacca.

Outer Rim is the first of four releases available for subscribers to Battlefront’s Season Pass.  The most notable of which is coming in the Fall of 2016, when the Death Star makes it’s  Battlefront debut.

What do you think of the content coming to Battlefront?  What new heroes would you like to see the game release in the coming months?  Leave your comments down below.