Police And A Force Push Caught On Camera On Episode VIII Set


What looks like a First Order police force and a man in a black costume being Force-pushed across the set of Episode VIII were spotted in Dubrovnik.

Making Star Wars has reported the presence of a new style of military enforcement on the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII in Dubrovnik, captured on camera by Just Dubrovnik. The group’s helmets and the angular style of their attire is reminiscent of the Imperial AT-ST operators and the monochrome aesthetic of the First Order.

In addition to this group of individuals, a vehicle, probably a landspeeder, covered by a black tarp was shared by DuList.

Making Star Wars has additional photos of the military force, the landspeeder, and a few Episode VIII cast members dressed like dignitaries on their site.

Finally, Making Star Wars shared an intriguing video of what appears to be an actor in a black costume being flung with the Force (or rather, a wire), across the set. It’s pretty epic. Watch it below.

The first thought that came to my mind after watching this video was that the man in black is a Knight of Ren. If Luke is in this location, which looks to be densely populated and therefore a ripe location for spies, Kylo Ren and his followers are probably not far behind. The footage above could be part of a showdown between the Jedi Master and the Knights.

What throws me off that theory, however, is the white part of costume, which makes the ensemble look more like something a First Order soldier would wear. Instead of a Knight of Ren, the man in black could be a member of the police force we shared photos of above, or even someone outside of the affiliation of the First Order; a pirate, or a member of Kanjiklub, or anyone. Whoever it is, though, they’re troublesome enough to warrant a Force push.

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