Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Will Have A Bigger Role In Star Wars: Episode VIII


Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, confirmed she’ll have a bigger role in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

While answering interview questions on the red carpet for Scream Queens, Billie Lourd answered questions about her reprising role in Star Wars: Episode VIII (/Film). In The Force Awakens, Lourd played Lieutenant Connix, an officer of the Resistance under the command of General Leia (her real life mother).

Lourd’s performance in the film pretty much consisted of one line: “General, are you seeing this?” Regarding Episode VIII, however, she promises her role will be a little more noticeable.

"“Oh yeah, yeah,” Lourd told us. “The last one was a little Where’s Waldo-y.”"

/Film also asked Lourd if she would have more scenes with her mother, Fisher, in the film.

"“Maaaaaybe,” Lourd said as she moved down the line."

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I’d be surprised if Lieutenant Connix were upgraded to the status of a main or even a secondary character. Instead, I could see her exchanging a few lines with Leia and then perhaps being killed in battle, as a way to elicit emotion from the war-hardened general and the viewing audience. Alternatively, she could save Leia’s life or make some discovery that’s important to the Resistance: the location of a First Order base, or something else crucial to the Resistance’s war campaign.

The reason I think she may be doing something dramatically important in Episode VIII, like dying and/or saving the Resistance, is because I can’t see her functioning in any other way that would require her to have more lines. More lines means she’s more important to the story, but as a supporting character there are only so many ways she can contribute significantly to the course of events.

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Carrie Fisher isn’t the only actor on set whose relative has been given the opportunity to also participate in the new Star Wars films. Oscar Isaac’s uncle was able to play a villager in the opening scene of The Force Awakens where the First Order attacks Lor San Tekka’s people on Jakku. Sadly, there’s little chance he’ll be making a return in Episode VIII.