Harrison Ford to Host Live Q and A on Tumblr for The Force Awakens


Just in time for the April 1st digital release and the April 5th Blu-ray/DVD release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, actor Harrison Ford is taking to Tumblr to answer questions, live…

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Today, March 21, at 1:30pm ET / 12:3opm CST, actor Harrison Ford (Han Solo) is taking to Tumblr’s Answer Time in lieu of the digital and Blu-ray release of  Star Wars: The Force Awakens on April 1st and 5th. The actor will take to Tumblr to answer all of the Star Wars questions the Star Wars community can fit into an hour-ish…which I imagine will be a lot. And, according to the official press release, this live Q&A might have some Indiana Jones 5 tidbits attached to it…we will have to see.

Our partners at Entertainment Weekly will be hosting the live Q&A, and you will be able to tune-in by clicking this LINK.

As you know by now, the old smuggler met his end at the hands of his own son, Kylo Ren nee-Ben Solo, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Despite many rumors that he would somehow magically be returning to Episode VIII, Ford was not part of the list of returning actors for the sequel to TFA, and Ford has since moved on to the new Indiana Jones film.

This live Q&A is the perfect time for Star Wars fans to really get a chance to ask Harrison Ford about his feelings toward George Lucas and how Han’s story-arc ended in Return of the Jedi, compared to his feelings toward Disney and J.J. Abrams and how Han’s arc ended in The Force Awakens.

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Make sure to tune-in today at 1:30 ET on Tumblr’s Answer Time by clicking the link provided above, and get your questions in for the old smuggler himself, Han Solo — Harrison Ford.