Who Will Die In The Star Wars Rebels Season Two Finale?


With an Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader showdown looming, as well as the curious presence of Darth Maul, someone is bound to die.

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It’s not that we want it to happen, it’s just the way of things. There’s also been a precedent set with the first season of Star Wars Rebels, which ended with the death of The Grand Inquisitor. While that wasn’t a huge loss, the finale of the second season is threatening to be more costly.

We’ve known since Ahsoka Tano’s introduction at the end of season one that a battle between her and her former master was imminent. Many fans are expecting her to lose her life to this battle; it would be the ultimate tragic story arc, Ahsoka being murdered by the man she once loved as a mentor and a friend.

But in the trailer for the second half of season two, the introduction of another character threw a hydrospanner in the above theory. In that trailer, it was revealed that Darth Maul will appear on Star Wars Rebels. The word is he’ll be looking to take down Emperor Palpatine’s latest apprentice in the season finale (via Making Star Wars).

My theory is this: Ahsoka and Darth Vader will begin their battle, but just when it seems like Ahsoka is about to be slaughtered, in swoops Darth Maul. Not to save Ahsoka, of course, but to duel Vader himself. His sudden appearance would give Ahsoka a chance to escape and maybe even allow all the heroes of Star Wars Rebels to make it to the third season relatively unscathed. Once again, a villain would take the fall.

I’m not certain that Dave Filoni and co. would bring back Darth Maul only to kill him off, however. Ahsoka’s death would be the natural culmination of a dramatic story arc that started back in The Clone Wars, whereas Maul’s death would probably feel like it was shoehorned in for the singular purpose of tying up a loose end. Considering Maul is such a popular character, and that Dave Filoni is more concerned about doing characters justice than doing away with them purely for convenience, I think we can expect more from Maul than a surprise death, or even a one-time cameo appearance.

Finally, there’s an even bigger reason for Vader to not kill Maul in Star Wars Rebels. The truth is that Maul is really Obi Wan Kenobi’s nemesis. There needs to be a sense of closure with regard to their rivalry, and Star Wars Rebels can only address that if Maul survives season two.

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So, if Ahsoka and Maul don’t die, who will? Our editor and chief here at Dork Side, David Harris, suggested that Captain Rex might be the one to go. While Rex is a beloved The Clone Wars character to many, he is, unfortunately, expendable due to the nature of his role in Star Wars Rebels. His appearance in the show has been limited to only a few episodes in season two, and in those episodes he’s received little character development. He’s more of helpful side character than anything else. Still, his death would be emotionally compromising to Ahsoka and all the members of The Ghost crew (with the exception of Chopper, probably); and if Vader was the one to kill him, his death would heighten the dark side feelings among Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra toward the Sith lord, as well as the overall intensity of the show going into season three this fall. It’s about as close as the show could get to killing off a member of the main cast of characters without actually doing so.

Which brings to mind the awful question: What if a member of the Ghost crew dies? Who would fall? Ezra is obviously, the safest of the group, as he is the main character of the show. There’s not much point in killing Hera or Sabine, either. Both are essential to the team, but not essential enough to warrant getting rid of; their deaths would be meaningless with regard to the show’s storyline. So, too, would Chopper’s destruction (though there are several other droids from the show who would rejoice).

Zeb’s safety, however, is not necessarily as secure. While he’s had character development this season, what his presence provides the most of is comic relief. His death would remove some of that comic relief from the show going forward, and allow for a darker third season. In-universe, his death would make sense, as well, because as a warrior he’s likely already accepted the possibility that he might die in battle for his friends and his people.

Kanan, however, seems the likeliest of the rebels crew to die, as the Ghost crew would lose the most by losing him. Ezra would lose a master and become even more susceptible to the dark side; Hera would be heartbroken and embittered by the loss of the man that we assume (believe, pray, what have you) she loves; Sabine, Zeb, and even Chopper would be devastated and bereft of a leader; and even Ahsoka, who has known him for the shortest amount of time, would be saddened and even angered by the death of a fellow Jedi, particularly if it came about at the hands of Darth Vader, infamous for having slaughtered hundreds of Jedi.

Finally, Kanan’s death would, like Zeb’s demise, lead to a darker tone for season three, as well as a place to fill in the Ghost crew. The latter might make an opportunity for Ahsoka to take on the role of Ezra’s master, and simultaneously become a main cast member. If that happens, her story could carry on indefinitely.

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The wait for the season finale, which will premiere March 30th on Disney XD, is going to be one of the longest in Star Wars television history. Who, if anyone, do you think will not make it to season three of Star Wars Rebels? Tell us in the comments below.