Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Premiering On GMA Tomorrow


It’s finally almost here! The first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will premiere on GMA tomorrow.

Finally. We’ve been waiting so long for this, ever since a short clip of the film was shown at Star Wars Celebration last year. The first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is premiering on Good Morning America tomorrow. Check out the teaser below.

Look at that. Look at that! I can’t stop geeking out! Another Star Wars movie is coming out, you guys! It’s real!

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s analyze what little we saw in that teaser. Foremost, there’s the black armored stormtrooper with a new helmet design. He’s holding what appears to be a rifle, so he could fulfill any of several different functions: a sniper, ground control, elite soldier. I’m sure there are other options as well, but he looks pretty badass, so I’m willing to bet he and his fellows are going to cause a lot of damage.

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Next, there’s the green hill with what looks like a moisture vaporator sitting on the top. Behind all that is the blaze of fire, which could either be from a flametrooper or an explosion. These elements of the setting don’t really give us a clue to where these troopers are. The only planet in canon that comes to mind is Yavin IV, and since Yavin IV was part of the footage shown at Star Wars Celebration, it’s reasonable to believe we’ll see it in the film.

A Rogue One trailer couldn’t come out at a better time. We’ve gotten off the high of the traumatic season two finale of Star Wars Rebels, Episode VIII news has been coming in a slow trickle, and The Force Awakens has been out on Blu Ray and DVD for a full twenty-four hours. A trailer for the next new Star Wars movie will keep us talking and speculating for the next three months till July, when Star Wars Celebration 2016 beings in London. Think of all the awesome Rogue One news we’ll probably get from that event because we’re seeing the trailer so much earlier: costumes, casting announcements, maybe even another trailer!

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Be on the lookout for the Rogue One trailer tomorrow and keep checking Dork Side for our breakdown of it.