Do You Want To Build An Ewok? Now You Can At Build A Bear


Soon you’ll be able to build your very own Wicket the Ewok at Build A Bear Workshop stores.

Who doesn’t want their own Wicket the Ewok? Build A Bear wants you to go a step further and make one of your very own at any of their stores across the country and in the UK (via Comicbook). Wicket will be available in stores early next week, but you can also order him online now for $28. Below is a picture of the fluffy, huggable bundle of adorableness.

Okay, so he’s a little less cute than he is in the Return of the Jedi. But you can’t deny he’s a lot friendlier, with his arms spread open wide to welcome his new little prince of princess into a hug. For an extra $7, you can purchase a sound chip that will bring your Ewok to life with sound effects from the movie. Just try to forget that the Ewoks had originally planned on eating Han, Luke, and Chewbacca, and his smile will be loving and not menacing.

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One of the things that’s so easy to forget about the Ewoks is the fact that they were planning on eating human beings. And remember the empty stormtrooper helmets they bang on during the victory celebration? The rebels probably forced the Imperials they captured to take off their helmets and armor to make them more vulnerable, but the alternative is that the Ewoks… let’s just say they might have used the helmets as bowls before instruments.

Probably the reason we forget their hunger for human flesh is that they’re so casual about it. They’re not being sadistic when they’re putting Han on his spit over the fire, they’re just going about their normal business: cooking food they just caught. They quickly become affectionate furballs when C-3PO, with Luke’s help, convinces them his friends aren’t for eating, so they must not have been too disappointed at missing out on a human and Wookiee buffet. It’s also worth noting that they didn’t plan on eating Leia (as far as we know), so maybe they just consume those they perceive as their enemies.

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I highly doubt, though, that your own Ewok will eat you. Keep an eye on it, just in case.