Lego Teases Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Video Game


Lego recreated the first cast photo from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with minifigures, hinting at an impending video game version of the film.

Lego is at it again, recreating Star Wars in a form both kids and grownups enjoy. It’s the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in minifigure form, in an ensemble directly inspired by the first cast photo from the film revealed at Star Wars Celebration 2015 (via CBR).

Lego has created popular video game version of every Star Wars film, including The Force Awakens. We should expect nothing less for the spinoffs. Weirdly, their recreation of the Rogue One cast photo gives us a clearer picture of what the characters look like

Below is the original photo, with Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, and Jiang Wen in front.

Now here’s the Lego reproduction.

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It’s not an exact replication, but one advantage it has over the original is the characters’ faces are brighter. You can now clearly see Donnie Yen’s character’s whitish-blue eyes, a color we suspect indicates a lack of sight. You can also tell that the two characters in the background, who are wearing what look like slightly different versions of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker’s snow uniforms from The Empire Strikes Back, are probably just background characters and not part of the main cast looking at the camera. There’s nothing to distinguish them from being extras, like the hair pieces on the other minifigures, the red armor on Jiang Wen’s Lego incarnation, and the cool weapons Diego Luna and Donnie Yen are carrying. I’m not sure if the darker-skinned character in the front is an extra or not; he might be Riz Ahmed, whom we have yet to detect in the trailer.

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There’s no release date for this video game, but it will probably come out either shortly before Rogue One hits theaters or shortly after. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn’t make it to store shelves till after the film’s premiere December 18th, so we can probably expect a similar time-table for Lego Rogue One.