Spoiler: Rey & Luke’s Costumes In Star Wars: Episode VIII


Spoiler: Below are descriptions of Rey and Luke Skywalker’s possible costumes from Star Wars: Episode VIII.

It’s not a big spoiler, but if you’re at all shy of knowing anything whatsoever about Star Wars: Episode VIII aside what we get from official images and trailers, you might want to skip this article.

Making Star Wars recently reported descriptions of Rey and Luke Skywalker’s costumes in Episode VIII, and they sound pretty awesome. Jason Ward, editor in chief of MSW, said they “got a glimpse” of them, though in what form he didn’t say. They could be photos from the set or they could be concept art, in which case there’s no way of knowing for sure whether or not they’ll actually appear in the film. But they sound cool, in any case, and it’s fun to imagine the implications of what a character wears; because nothing with regard to main characters in Star Wars is chosen randomly.

Rey’s costume is reminiscent of what she was wearing at the end of The Force Awakens. There are a few slight changes, however.

"Rey’s costume is very much what we saw in The Force Awakens at the very end of the film. She has the grey capri length pants with boots as well as the arm wraps. But her vest from the end of the film is gone and she’s only wearing the off white colored tunic beneath, giving the costume a Luke Skywalker vibe. Her hair is also worn down now. She still wears the gun at her hips she received from Han Solo in The Force Awakens."

I’m glad she looks a little different, even if she’s just missing a vest and has her hair down. I like variety in costume from movie to movie, and Star Wars has also set a precedence for lovely costumes for their female characters.

Rey’s “Luke Skywalker vibe” is ironic when you read what Luke’s costume is supposed to look like in VIII.

"Luke Skywalker wears a darker costume compared to what we saw in The Force Awakens. This costume is more evocative of his Return of the Jedi clothes in cut and color. His under tunic reminds me of Count Dooku but his very dark grey cape drops over the top of his shoulders and chest like a shawl. This leaves his right arm free but half of his chest covered by the cape. It’s almost similar to the asymmetrical cut of Captain Phasma’s cape, but more like a shawl in the way it cover his chest."

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I didn’t expect this look for Luke. If this is what he ends up wearing in Episode VIII, I think the dark colors and retro style may indicate he’s gone back to the frame of mind of his younger self in Return of the Jedi. In that film, Luke was the last and also the first Jedi, and his father was the murderer of the Order that preceded him. At this time, Luke is full of potential for either good or evil, and the way he speaks and acts towards Darth Vader determines which path he takes. Eventually, he chooses the good side, and in so doing is able to redeem his father; but the Luke of Episode VIII, after having seen the Jedi Order destroyed once again, and by a family member, is certainly having self doubts. Maybe he’s questioning whether or not beings should be trained in the Force, the potential consequences being so grave. He’s likely depressed, as well, and that, too, may be reflected in his new outfit.

Rey, on the other hand, may be meant to be seen as an embodiment of the light side with her light-colored costume. I think she’s Luke’s source of hope now; she became that source when she held out his long-lost lightsaber to him, begging him with her eyes and maybe through her connection to the Force to come back to the path he had left, to be the protector of the galaxy he once was. I think she may have more to teach him than he has to teach her.

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What are your theories on these costumes, or do you think there should be any? Maybe they just picked the clothes because they needed a quick change on a mission. Tell us what you think in the comments.