Leia’s “Mourning Costume” Revealed for Star Wars: Episode VIII


Thanks to an older tweeted picture from actress Carrie Fisher, we may have a look at what General Leia (formerly Princess) will be wearing in a state of mourning for Star Wars: Episode VIII…

Back in December of 2015, Carrie Fisher tweeted a photo of costume designer Michael Kaplan holding a roughly drawn sketch of Leia in what appear to be robes of mourning. Seeing as how Han Solo died in The Force Awakens, as well as the entire Hosnian System — which held the new Senate — Leia wearing mourning colors or robes in Star Wars: Episode VIII, tends to make sense. Have a look:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen black robes, in conjunction with the filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII. In March, we reported on the filming of Episode VIII from Dubrovnik, in Croatia, and in particular some scenes that were filmed at night. The scenes depict what appear to be high-class citizens dressed in black.

And then the robes were seen in the day, during a boat scene, as well as some sort of police force.

If Leia and the remaining forces of the Resistance do end-up going to some planet, to officially mourn the passing of the Hosnian System and Republic Citizens, as well as Han Solo…as some leaked — and totally fake? — scripts suggest, then these photos start to make a whole lot more sense.

Warning: This is a snippet of the supposed leaked script for Star Wars: Episode VIII. While Dork Side of the Force takes no stance on the validity of its author’s claims of legitimacy, there are some broad strokes that seem very interesting, and the script is starting to really pick-up some steam on the internet with legitimate leakers.

  • Finn wakes up on a Resistance cruiser and is told by Poe that they’re already en route to the makeshift Republic homeworld in the wake of the capital planet being blown up by Starkiller Base.
  • Leia wants to lobby them to go to war.
  • The Republic is being led by an interim dictator named Lord Vikram (Benicio Del Toro), who was quickly put into power by the few senators still around to maintain order.
  • Starkiller’s destruction of the Republic core worlds caused a galactic communications disruption because everything was routed through those worlds, so Vikram is trying to reestablish contact and ensure the Republic doesn’t collapse into anarchy.
  • Leia and Vikram butt heads. Vikram agrees that the Republic has to go to war with the First Order, but wants to wait for communications to come back online so they can muster up a sizable force (all they have right now is a single small fleet). Leia disagrees, and wants to take the war to the First Order now while Snoke is still reeling from Starkiller’s destruction. She says both sides are in chaos, which makes this an opportune time to strike. Vikram counters by telling her she’s letting her personal emotions over Han’s death get in the way, and Leia throws it back at him by telling him he was always a little snake of a politician when they would argue back in her senate days, etc, etc, they have old bad blood or whatever.
  • The Republic planet is safe because it’s protected by a heavy duty shield that can repel any invasion or bombardment from the First Order.

H/T – TheForce.net

Again, I don’t think that Rian Johnson and Disney would allow their script for Star Wars: Episode VIII to be leaked online, this early, especially if it was valid. However, there are some ideas that seem to line-up with what we have seen from the filming slate, and for that reason alone, it can’t be completely tossed out.

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I would expect plenty more of these scripts to surface between now and December of 2017, and as long as Rian Johnson allows such an open access — an idea that J.J. Abrams strayed from — we will see more and more costume photos from the stars, as well. Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters in December of 2017…and that seems like an eternity from now.