Star Wars: Episode VIII gets HUGE Exciting Updates from Dubrovnik


Filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII has really begun to heat-up in the grand-old city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, and thanks to a whole new batch of photos from The Daily Mail, we’ve got a close-up look at some new aliens and action scenes…

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The Daily Mail UK has sent in their Bothan spies (yes I know you’re tired of that analogy…but it still plays so well) to the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, and have come away with a veritable plethora of fantastic photos of what appear to be some sort of procession scene involving a speeder with a group of very rich looking humans and aliens, that ends in explosions and a chase. Check them out:

We start out with the Star Wars: Episode VIII clapboard — 132L — whatever that means.

As  you can see, the humans and aliens are rich looking, finely dressed, as if they are aristocrats. In fact, the speeder is even expensive-looking.

More photos of the photos of our aristocrats.

Now, this is interesting, look at these two aliens. I don’t believe we’ve seen these two in the Star Wars universe before, but as always, I could very well be wrong.

This guy is almost wolf-like with a spider-esque quality. His mouth agape, really makes him creepy and almost ghastly. In fact, I really get a Phantom of the Opera feel from him (ha ha).

Now, I feel like we’ve seen this guy…or gal (you never really know), before. This alien really has a Prequel Trilogy feel to it…and I dig it.

This next photo really excites me because it puts John Boyega and Daisy Ridley’s stunt doubles in Dubrovnik for this particular Star Wars: Episode VIII set. What are Rey and Finn doing here, on this planet? Why are they riding that weird super-tall space-horse? And, why are they seemingly hiding behind its freakishly long neck?

There are two more photos I want to share, and they are of some day shoots. They are of a mixture of humans and aliens, and they appear to be wearing black robes. Now, I ask you: Who, in the Star Wars universe wear black robes?


It has been the on-going theory of many Star Wars fans from the many Star Wars subreddits (Of which Star Wars Leaks is just one), that Dubrovnik could be standing in for the planet of Corellia — Han Solo’s home planet — and Rian Johnson could be filming the old smuggler’s funeral scenes there.

This theory could explain why we see the rich garb of the aliens and humans, and why we’ve seen photos of what appear to be a planetary police force, as they would keep the crowds at bay and escort Han’s remains (or lack thereof) — perhaps a memorial of Han would be best served in this instance. It also could explain why Rey and Finn are on the planet, perhaps to say goodbye to their friend; we know Mark Hamill as Luke is filming scenes there, could Carrie Fisher as General Leia be there as well?

The people and aliens in the above photos could be in mourning robes, and could be completely innocent, especially if it has to do with Han Solo’s passing. However, what if some of them are from the First Order and the Knights of Ren, and are there to attack General Leia and Luke in an attempt to kill the last Jedi and the leader of the Resistance? It would explain the explosions and the chase scenes. It would explain why Rey and Finn are hiding on the back of a space-horse.

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Or…this could be a home planet of The First Order, and Rey and Luke went there to rescue Finn and Poe who were once again captured. Thus Rey and Finn needing the unconventional method of a freakishly tall space-horse to escape in a city full of speeders. I guess we will have to continue to speculate until some midpoint in 2017 (probably September) when the marketing and trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII really begin to hit. At least we are getting more information about Episode VIII — at this point in filming — than we ever did from Abrams and The Force Awakens…and that’s okay, either way.

We want to hear from you on this! What do you make of these new and exciting photos of filming Star Wars: Episode VIII from the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia? Let us know in the comments below, and on social media. And, if you are so inclined, you can see the full array of photos from The Daily Mail by clicking the link provided.