Review – Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren And Flametrooper Action Figures


Hasbro sent us the 6″ Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren and Flametrooper action figures, and it’s time to review!

The intricately detailed Star Wars Black Series action figures come with a $19.99 price tag for a reason. They’re more film accurate than their 3.75″ Hasbro counterparts, and are easier to see on display because they’re so much bigger than the latter. Kylo Ren and the flametrooper are especially impressive in their appearance, but if it’s play value you’re looking for, you might want to consider getting the smaller versions.

First of all, one thing I quickly figured out (bear with me, these are the first Black Series figures I had ever handled) is Black Series figures are more for display than play. Their range of motions are a bit more varied than the 3.75″ figures in their arms, legs, and feet, but the heads are disappointing. The flametrooper’s head only moved up and down, and Kylo Ren’s helmet wouldn’t budge in any direction.

It’s also difficult to get the flametrooper to hold the rifle he came with. His hands are just too closed to accommodate anything but the pliable fire hose coming from the attachment on his back.

photo by Elaine Tveit

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With regard to Kylo Ren, only one of his hands is able to hold the lightsaber. The lightsaber itself came out slightly bent, and this was due to the way the figure was embedded in the plastic mold. Both Kylo and the flametrooper were ensconced in their molds, forcing me to do some careful pushing to get them out. If you want to keep the figures in the boxes, however, this won’t be a problem for you.

Again, the coolest the about these figures is the details. The flametrooper is a piece of eye candy with how white and shiny its armor is. And check out the back of Kylo Ren, and note the fabric of the robe, and the etching in the plastic shoulder wrap which makes the edges look rough and frayed, like in the movie (the whole look reminds me of a ring wraith from The Lord of the Rings).

photo by Elaine Tveit

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To sum up: these Black Series figures were lovely to look at, and the fact that their arms, legs, and feet bend is a nice feature, perfect for posing. The lack of motion in the head, however, is a bit baffling, and it was difficult to get the figures out of their packaging. Again, however, if you’re planning on leaving the figures in their boxes, getting them out won’t be a problem for you. I think kids could play with these fairly well, though the 3.75″ figures seem to hold their weapons better, and their heads rotate.