Rian Johnson Shares Photos Of Episode VIII Sets Halfway Through Shooting


Rian Johnson shared pictures of guys cleaning an X-wing and a data station on the sets of Star Wars: Episode VIII, and added that the film is halfway through shooting.

Through his “lousy stinkin’ tumblr” (his words, not mine), the director of Star Wars: Episode VIII, Rian Johnson, shared two new behind the scenes photos of two set pieces being cleaned with microfiber rags. One shows the window of an X-wing being made nice and clear and shiny, and the other features what appears to be a First Order bridge officer tending to his station while a member of the film crew cleans the bulkhead above him.

Johnson also revealed that he and the crew are halfway through the shoot.

Check out the photos below.

photo via @rcjohnso

photo via @rcjohnso

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Neither of the actors in these photos look like the main cast members, so I think what we’re seeing is the making of “filler” scenery. The officer in the photo above appears to be a First Order flight engineer. According to The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, First Order flight engineers could be found on board Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer, the Finalizer. Their helmet and outfit design is reminiscent of the engineers aboard the Death Star who activated the superlaser, and their tasks are also similar: the activation of weapons systems, tractor beams, and the like.

I’d like to think something sneaky and spoilery has been hidden in that diagram on the screen the Episode VIII crew member is cleaning above, but I doubt it. I don’t think Johnson wants to give away quite that much and in quite that underhanded a way. Still, if you see anything in it you recognize or have ideas on, let us know in the comments.

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The most important bit of information we received from Johnson’s Tumblr post is the fact Episode VIII is already halfway through shooting. It seems like only a day ago they broke that short trailer showing Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley filming on Skellig Island beginning the shoot on Skellig Michael. The premiere of the movie, however, is still a year and a half away. Fortunately, we have Rogue One to tide us over till December 2017.