Star Wars Book Release Day: Bloodline By Claudia Gray


Today marks the official release date of Claudia Gray’s adult Star Wars novel, Bloodline.

Bloodline takes place five years before the events of The Force Awakens, and will follow Leia (who is not yet general of the Resistance) as she navigates the treacherous waters of New Republic politics in her bid to be elected First Senator. But she can’t hide the truth of her family’s past forever, and it may cost her in the end.

The reviews from early readers are in, and the overall consensus is: Bloodline is a must-read. Some reviewers are calling it their favorite of the new canon, while some boast it is the best, hands down. But don’t take our word for it; we’ve gathered quotes from blogs across the internet to give you an idea of why you shouldn’t miss this book.

From Kay at Fangirl:

"…there were many times this story felt like the good, comfortable parts of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe."

From Bryan Young at Big Shiny Robot:

"It was emotional, well-written, exciting, and, more than anything, felt like “Star Wars.”"

From Club Jade:

"It’s certainly one of the very best of the new canon, and a must-read for anyone who needs or wants background on The Force Awakens."

From Bria at Tosche Station:

"…the two and a half hours I spent reading it were one hell of an emotional roller coaster."

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Some of these reviewers had small critiques as well as large praise; but with that in mind, read their recommendations again. I know for a fact that at least one of the reviewers quoted above is not easily impressed, and the fact she genuinely liked Bloodline is huge points in its favor in my opinion. There were a few problems with regard to tiny plot holes, but overall the dominant opinion is that Bloodline is a Star Wars book that you will want to read. It’s not like some of the Imperial era books, like A New Dawn and Tarkin, where it’s not really necessary to your understanding of the entire saga if you read them. And it’s not like Aftermath, which was divisive purely for the author’s writing style. In being written by an author Star Wars fans are already pleased with (Gray wrote the popular YA Star Wars novel Lost Stars), its story set just prior to Episode VII, and featuring as its main character a hero we all know and love from the films, Bloodline has mass appeal.

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And the good news is, you can read it, too. Find Star Wars: Bloodline on Amazon or in your local bookstore, and keep checking Dork Side for our review. We can’t wait to read it!